Peter Rogov - IT Consultant and Software Engineer

Helping businesses and communities around the world to do better with IT. Making computer software and consulting since 2008.

Peter Rogov

IT Consultant, Software Engineer, and Techie
Over 12 years of experience in designing, developing, and delivering IT solutions for businesses, governments, and startups around the world.

From a tiny website to a large enterprise management system, I understand the problem, conceptualise the solution, develop the software, and make it work.


Just a few examples of the work I do.
Food Tracking System
Development of a supply chain monitoring and evaluation solution for the World Food Programme and Ministry of General Education in Zambia to manage school meals food distribution.

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Media attack analysis
A comprehensive research based on the 18-month long history of tweets to identify and describe a network of fake user accounts engaged in a coordinated media attack on a certain business.
Internet services provider business planning
Comprehensive business planning including market research, technical design, cost analysis and strategical planning for a startup ISP business in South Africa.
3D asset management
ArcGIS based solution that merges the power of a modern GIS with the precise 3D modelling to provide a new way of asset management for a big university.

What do I do?

I facilitate the complete software development cycle from bare idea to post-deployment support.
Consulting and research
Carefully study your needs, analyse your business, conceptualise a solution, and prepare technical documentation. I do research and audit or facilitate interactive sessions with key stakeholders and involved parties.
Audit and assessment
Thoroughly analyse existing software, business processes, or infrastructure. I advise and guide on how to improve the software and avoid various risks down the line.
Design, develop, and integrate the software according to your needs. I take full care of the production process, help with sourcing and managing a 3rd party contractor, or oversee the work of in-house and external teams.
I make sure that software works as intended 24/7, help with personnel training and incorporating the software into existing business processes.
I was introduced to Peter through the agency I hired to design and build a custom website using Shopify. Peter was professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He was able to train me to manage the site when he completed the set up so I could be independent on easy daily tasks. I would recommend Peter highly and look forward to working with him on my next project.
Andrea Wolniewitz
Director of Operations at LIVLY
I had the privilege of working with Peter for almost a year and I can say it truly was enjoyable. He successfully migrated our shop with thousands of SKU's from Magento to Shopify/Wordpress and provided ongoing support and website management/upgrades. Peter always went out of his way to ensure that our team understood how to manage the backend and reassured us that he was always available for any questions/concerns or requests. He is trustworthy, reliable, thorough with his explanations, and truly an expert in his field. I look forward to working with him on future projects and would highly recommend.

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